VinnPlayer - Desktop YouTube player

With VinnPlayer you can play, listen and save your favourite YouTube video's in an easy to use interface. Now you don't have to download mp3's and use other software to listen to your music. YouTube stores a lot of music video's for you free to listen to.

With this desktop client it will be easier to create playlist and listen track by track or even shuffle so you can listen to your music all day long. And the best of it has yet to be said, it's all free!

Just try it and see if you like it.

Find and store music easily

Vinnplayer let's you find music easily, just type in the artist or song you want to listen to and it will search youtube for video's. If you found songs you want to keep listening to just add them to your playlist.

Run in the background

With VinnPlayer you don't have to worry you accidently close your webbrowser. The player can even run in the background while you do your work, just press the _ button. You can just click the icon in the tray to show the application again.